Huntington Beach, CA Attractions

Welcome to Surf City USA, nestled along the stunning coastline of Orange County. Explore the vibrant charm of downtown Huntington Beach, where eclectic shops, trendy eateries, and lively entertainment converge against a backdrop of sun-kissed beaches and rolling waves. Spend a day on the beach or at any of the many popular attractions, then end the night exploring the buzzing downtown scene or spark up a bonfire in one of the many provided firepits conveniently placed along the beach. 

Best Places to Visit in Huntington Beach, California

Surf and sand aside, Huntington Beach encourages other ways to explore its stunning coastline and rich surf heritage. Huntington Beach, California is home to many of Southern California's top attractions, with plenty of options for adventure-seeking, family attractions, and outdoor explorations. From theme parks to historical hotspots, Huntington Beach always has adventure in store on its sandy beaches.

Huntington Beach Pier

Measuring 1,850 feet in length, the iconic Huntington Beach Pier is one of the longest piers on the West Coast. Jutting out into the Pacific Ocean at the intersection of Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway, it symbolizes the heart of Huntington Beach and is the most photographed spot in town. Our pier's location allows visitors and locals alike to experience the breathtaking views amidst the sounds of crashing waves and the ocean breeze. The pier and the city came into existence together in 1904, and thanks to historic surfing demonstrations by legendary Hawaiian watermen George Freeth and Duke Kahanamoku, this landmark is an integral part of Huntington Beach surfing lore. Rebuilt after two storms in the 1980s, the pier is all about simple pleasures. After your stroll along the pier, you can visit nearby shops and grab a bite or a drink at nearby restaurants with promises of ocean views and live music.

Huntington Beach Pier

Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum

Founded by surf lover Natalie Kotsch in 1987, the renovated nonprofit Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum nonprofit museum has since seen countless rotating exhibits celebrating the past, present, and future of surfing. Murals of surfers and surfboard evolution adorn the iconic art deco building’s exterior, and above the free parking lot, you can’t miss the World’s Largest Surfboard, proudly holding the Guinness World Record at 42 feet long, 11 feet wide, 16 inches thick, and a whopping 1,300 pounds. 

Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum

Huntington Harbour

The Huntington Harbour is steps away from the bustling downtown and makes the picturesque seaside scenery feel perfect. Built in the 1960s and located on the northwest corner of Huntington Beach Sunset Beach, it is home to five man-made islands. Explore the harbour by renting a private charter, an electric boat, a stand-up paddleboard or a kayak. Huntington Harbour also has plenty of places to eat and drink, which include breweries.

Huntington Beach Art Center

The Huntington Beach Art Center is a community arts and culture center that provides a space for creative expression such as art, music, and movement classes in its studios and dynamic exhibitions and event programming in its galleries. 

Newland House Museum

The Newland House Museum was built in 1898 and is the city's oldest and best-preserved residence. It is now open to the public thanks to efforts of the City of Huntington Beach and the Huntington Beach Historical Society.

Outdoor Attractions in Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach offers an abundance of outdoor activities for enthusiasts of all ages. Embark on a leisurely ride along the picturesque Huntington Beach bike trail, winding along the scenic coastal vistas. For furry companions, Huntington Dog Beach provides a perfect haven for playful romps in the sand and refreshing dips in the Pacific Ocean. Nature lovers can explore the sprawling Huntington Central Park, boasting lush greenery, serene lakes, and diverse wildlife, ideal for picnics, hiking, and birdwatching adventures. Whether biking, beachcombing, or enjoying nature's tranquility, Huntington Beach promises endless outdoor excitement for all.

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

The largest saltwater marsh between the Monterey Bay and the Tijuana River Estuary, the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach covers 1,400 acres of fresh and saltwater wetlands habitat, a boardwalk over the marsh, and five miles of easy trails through the lowlands and mesas. Right next to Bolsa Chica State Beach, this reserve has Over the years it’s become the happy place for birders, hikers, runners, and nature lovers alike, perfect for hiking, photography, bird watching, or just appreciating nature.

Bolsa Chica Walk

Shipley Nature Center

Comprising 18 acres of California wilderness, Shipley Nature Center is a perfect spot to explore 8 different habitats containing freshwater ponds, bright orange poppies, buzzing hummingbirds, and more. Its 4,000 feet of trails are perfect for the whole family and provide ample opportunities for nature walks and bird watching.

Annual Huntington Beach Attractions and Events

Each year, Huntington Beach comes alive with exciting events that draw visitors from around the globe. The Vans US Open of Surfing showcases world-class surfers tackling the legendary waves, while also featuring skateboarding competitions, live music, and beachside festivities. From the Pacific Airshow to lively Fourth of July celebrations with dazzling fireworks over the Pacific Ocean, there's always something exciting happening in this coastal gem. Whether it's cultural festivals, outdoor concerts, or sports competitions, Huntington Beach offers endless opportunities for unforgettable experiences and that showcase its vibrant culture and lively community spirit.

Other Nearby Popular California Attractions 

Near Huntington Beach, visitors can also enjoy a variety of activities, including the magical world of Disneyland or the thrilling rides at Knott's Berry Farm. Whether it's outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or urban exploration, California has something to offer every type of traveler.


Huntington Beach is the closest beach to Disneyland. Disneyland, the original Disney theme park created by Walt Disney himself, is arguably the most famous theme park in the world. Located just 20 minutes from Huntington Beach, Disneyland showcases more than 60 rides, 50 shops and 30 restaurants across eight themed lands. The Disneyland Resort includes Disneyland, Disney California Adventure and the Downtown Disney entertainment district.

Disneyland in Anaheim

Knott’s Berry Farm

This former berry farm turned theme park is home to 160 acres of rides, entertainment and other attractions. Located 25 minutes from Huntington Beach, Knott's Berry Farm is famous for its jams and jellies and Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant's fried chicken dinner, traditionally served as it has been since 1934. Located outside the park, the restaurant was the inspiration for the creation of the theme park. Each October, Knott's presents Knott's Scary Farm, Southern California's most popular Halloween theme park attraction.







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