Coffee Shops in Huntington Beach 

Huntington Beach loves sunny weather, surf, and delicious food. But, in recent years, good coffee has steamed its way into our hearts and stomachs as well. When it comes to Huntington Beach's coffee options, a variety of unique coffee house offerings has been the trend in Surf City USA. With many of them being all within walking distance from Huntington Beach oceanfront resorts, downtown area, and beaches, there are many to chose from to get your caffeine craving satisfied. Walk into one of Huntington Beach's unique coffee houses, place your order, and let the magic of Huntington Beach do the rest. 


Romantic Restaurants in Huntington Beach

UPDATED JANUARY 31, 2023 Spectacular sunsets, beautiful weather for “long walks on the beach”, endless culinary options… doesn’t that sound like the recipe for a romantic date on Valentine's night? We think so too! We’ve compiled a list of 8 restaurants that are perfect for Valentine's Day… So put…