Huntington Beach Coffee Shops 

Huntington Beach loves sunny weather, surf, and delicious food. But, nothing gets your day started better than the smell of fresh roasting coffee beans. In recent years, good coffee has steamed its way into our hearts and stomachs as well. When it comes to Huntington Beach's coffee options, a variety of unique coffee house offerings has been the trend in Surf City USA. With many of them being within walking distance from Huntington Beach oceanfront resorts, downtown area, and beaches, there are many to choose from to satisfy your caffeine craving.

Walk into one of the many unique options for a coffee shop in Huntington Beach. When seeking a great cup of joe you need only take a stroll through this Pacific City, choose one of the great coffee roasters that suits your desire, then place your order, and let the magic of Huntington Beach do the rest. 


Coffee Shops of Huntington Beach

UPDATED APRIL 24, 2024 Procaffeinating: The tendency to procrastinate until you've had your morning cup of coffee. If your coffee addiction is real, you're in luck. Surf City USA ® 's coffee shops will bring the unique scenery, delicious food, and the coffee! 602 Coffee House Stop by this specialty…


Romantic Restaurants in Huntington Beach

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Discover More Than Just Great Coffee in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach boasts an array of charming coffee shops that capture the essence of Orange County's laid-back lifestyle. These coffee bars are not only known for their expertly crafted brews but also for their diverse offerings that cater to a range of tastes. From refreshing cold brews to nutrient-rich acai bowls, these coffee shops blend the coastal vibe with culinary innovation. They encapsulate the unique fusion of flavors that defines this vibrant beachside community on the West Coast of the United States, making them essential destinations for locals and visitors alike. 

Catch Your Afternoon Tea Time

For tea enthusiasts in Orange County, there are multiple tea bars in Huntington Beach that are  hidden gems worth discovering. These charming tea bars provide a serene escape, offering an alternative to the bustling coffee scene. These tranquil spots cater to tea enthusiasts with an assortment of flavorful brews, from classic blends to exotic infusions. If you're looking for a cozy spot to complement your tea experience, Huntington Beach also boasts a plethora of small bakeries and cafes. These inviting locales provide the perfect ambiance to enjoy your brew, along with delectable pastries, creating a delightful haven for relaxation and indulgence.