Horseback Riding in Huntington Beach 

Horseback riding in Huntington Beach isn't just for experienced riders. It's for anyone who wants to try something new, explore open space, and get outside. 

Acres of outdoor space sprawl across inland Huntington Beach, and the only way to see some of it is on horseback. Saddle up at the 25-acre Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center situated in Huntington Central Park, just two miles from the ocean, and roam the grassy hills of the park with your new four-legged friend. 

The equestrian center, also known as HCPEC, has around 400 horses. With more than 150 acres of scenic trails that are open for the public to explore, this is one of Southern California's premier equestrian facilities. While you can take lessons here, you can also learn training and riding skills and experience a unique style of horseback riding experiences.

Lessons for Horseback Riding in Southern California 

There are many choices when looking for horseback riding lessons in Southern California. Huntington Beach is certainly a favorite riding area amongst equestrians. A popular spot is the equestrian center because it has a little bit of everything. From romantic guided trail rides, riding lessons, and the option to sign-up for riding school for those who want to learn more about horse behavior and perfect their riding style. As long as the rider is of riding age, which is eighty years old, they can learn to ride. 

Horseback riding lessons are great options if you are looking for an outdoor activity for a summer camp or birthday. Fun for the whole family, spend the day on a horse learning basic riding skills and horse behavior. 

Horseback Trail Rides Riding in Orange County 

There is some good horseback riding in Orange County options to choose from in this area. and are Some of the many different horseback trail riding options trail rides in Orange County, such as At Horse Play Rental, is located at the Huntington Beach Equestrian Center making it an easy day outing for visitors or locals. It doesn't matter whether you have horseback riding experience or you are a beginner rider. Roam the countryside on a guided trail ride while enjoying the sea breeze smell in the air and the sounds of the saddle while you make your way through the beautiful scenery on horseback. 

Most guided trail rides are 1-hour through the scenic park. Choose between the following options: 

  • One-hour picnic and a one-hour trail ride

  • Romantic couple rides

  • One-hour trail ride followed by a grooming clinic.

  • There is also the option to sign-up for monthly memberships. 

No matter what option you choose, you will walk away with some new knowledge and a deeper appreciation for horses and the open space located in the heart of Southern California.

Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center

  • 18381 Goldenwest Street
  • (714) 848-6565

The Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center (HCPEC) is situated on 25 acres of beautiful, sea-breezed land in Huntington Central Park, just two miles from the beach. Home to nearly 400 horses, with multiple trainers…

Free Rein Tours

  • 18381 Goldenwest Street
  • (714) 842-7777

Free Rein Tours now offers visitors a safe, approximately 90-minute walking tour that pays homage to rescued horses, human kindness and habitat restoration. Tours are given to individuals and groups of no more than 10…