Historic Huntington Beach

History buffs rejoice! Self-guided walking tours of Historic Downtown Huntington Beach and Sunset Beach lead you through more than a century of beach town nostalgia in less than two hours.

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Walk Historic Downtown Huntington Beach

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Thanks to the Huntington Beach Historic Resources Board, Surf City USA®'s historic Downtown walking tour comes complete with 35 stops along a 1.5-mile loop. You'll begin at the Visitor Information Kiosk at the foot of the Huntington Beach Pier and stop at various points of interest, including:

  • Examples of California Bungalow architecture built in 1922 along 8th Street.
  • Pristine Motor Sports, built in the 1920s as a gas station and auto repair garage.
  • A stand-alone jail cell, built in 1916 as the original jail.
  • M.E. Helme House Furnishing Co. building, the only unaltered pre-1910 commercial building in town.
  • Community Bible Church, one of the oldest standing churches in town.
  • Site of the old legendary Surf Theater.

Walk Sunset Beach

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Pacific Ave Historical Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is the California beach town most people still dream about, locals and tourists alike. This newly minted 1.2-mile tour takes you through the history of Sunset Beach at Huntington Beach's northern tip. You'll begin in the parking lot at Warner Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway, located at the end of the Green Belt, then head north. On this stroll, you'll happen upon sights like:

  • Old Lookout House, a former Coast Guard lookout during World War II.
  • Fourth Street Towers, a home built out of salvaged wood in 1912 that features a playful mural by local artist Neill Ketchum.
  • King Neptune’s Restaurant, a mix of old military memorabilia and nautical antiques built in 1920.
  • Post Office, where locals meet and greet each other daily - since residents do not receive home delivery.
  • Caslin's "Original" Castle, built in 1924 and used to store illegal liquor during Prohibition.
  • Sunset Beach Water Tower, a water tower replica built in 1940 housing a 75,000-gallon redwood tank - the largest on the West Coast - and visitors who wish to rent the space during their stay.

Grab free foldable maps from one of three locations - Visitor Information Kiosk at the foot of the Huntington Beach Pier, Welcome Center at the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum, or Visit Huntington Beach office—and immerse yourself in our fascinating local lore.

Huntington Beach greets over 3 million visitors every year with sunny skies, rich Southern California culture, and perfect waves. Get the most out of your vacation by using our planning tools. We've provided a Huntington Beach timeline (and our 100 years of surfing history), weather overview…


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