Huntington Beach Weather

Sunny days and cool balmy nights give Huntington Beach near-perfect weather. Its location along the Pacific Ocean lends to a moderate environment without extreme heat, cold or rainfall, making it the ideal location for your ultimate Southern California beach vacation.

Year-round high temperatures average from the mid-60°'s F (18° C) to about 80° F (26° C), with the coolest conditions from December to February and the warmest weather from July to October. Occasional rain showers (averaging a total of less than 12 inches annually) occur mostly from December to February.

Average Huntington Beach, CA Weather (°F)

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High 65° 64° 65° 68° 72° 73° 75° 75° 77° 77° 70° 63°
Low 43° 46° 52° 55° 59° 63° 65° 63° 63° 61° 55° 49°

How to Pack Weather in Huntington Beach, CA

The weather in Huntington Beach, CA, is mostly sunny and beautiful but does tend to fluctuate. Depending on the time in the morning or month of the year,  it can be a bright sunny day but have wind speeds upward of 20 mph - 30 mph with gusts that reach up to 45 mph. 

You can walk out the door to sunshine and birds chirping in the morning and finish the afternoon with a chance of rain taking over your sunny day. But odds are, you’ll be fighting off those rays of sun in the morning and listening to the waves crash as you bundle up by a bonfire at night.

What to Pack

In addition to your bathing suit, of course, be sure to bring sunscreen and a sweater. Those spending the entire day at the beach will find cool mornings giving way to warm afternoons. The evening sea breeze can sometimes require a sweater, especially if you're taking a walk out on the Huntington Beach Pier to watch the sunset or planning a beach bonfire.

If you're basing your Southern California vacation in Huntington Beach, which we highly recommend given its central location, be prepared for different temperatures inland. During the summer months, depending on your destination, inland temperatures can be anywhere from five to twenty degrees warmer than at Huntington Beach, CA! In the winter, inland temperatures can be five to ten degrees cooler than at Huntington Beach, with the Pacific Ocean acting as a natural temperature stabilizer.

Today's surf conditions and weather live webcam feed is from the Kite Connection store on the Huntington Beach Pier. There's a good reason why Huntington Beach reigns as the official Surf City USA. Our consistent year-round swell coupled with our vibrant deep-rooted surf culture makes our…