Italian Restaurant in Huntington Beach

Italian restaurants in Huntington Beach does Italy proud with our welcoming family-run kitchens offering authentic tastes of Rome and beyond. From Italian staples list Ravioli di Zucca, to quick, Italian-American delis and a slice of pizza, the Italian options in Huntington Beach are endless.

Capone's Cucina, with Chef Dino at the kitchen's helm, elevates standard Italian fare while also cooking up staples like housemade ravioli, lasagna, and gnocchi. 

Inside Lucci's old-fashioned Italian-American deli, you'll find eats of every course, from homemade meatball soup and heaping Boar's Head cold-cut sandwiches to family-style pasta and fresh baked cannoli. 

Searching for the perfect slice? Zero Zero 39 Pizzeria off Main Street serves up legit Roman pizza made with 100% organic ingredients—in rectangular form, ovviamente.

Explore Huntington Beach Italian Restaurants

Huntington Beach Italian restaurants will not disappoint the taste buds! Be sure to check out one of our recommended restaurants on your next visit through town.

Best Italian Food at Huntington Beach, CA

Italian food at Huntington Beach provides a one-of-a-kind Italian experience with their welcoming family-run kitchens and Italian food ready to satisfy anyone's cravings. 

Cucina Alessa 

Cucina Alessa is one of Huntington Beach's most popular dining spots, known for its handmade pasta and locally sourced ingredients. Chef and owner Alessandro Pirozzi is a certified traditional Italian chef who began learning his craft in his grandmother's kitchen. The Mamma Mia dish features meatballs made from slow-braised beef, topped with burrata cheese. You can also enjoy selections from the prosciutto and mozzarella bar on the sidewalk patio.

Nardo Italian

Nardò is a restaurant inspired by the Puglia region of Italy. It features fresh seafood, Neapolitan pizzas, homemade pasta, and offers Nardò offers the best Puglia cuisine. Founded by award-winning restaurateur Gianni Chiloiro, Nardò incorporates authentic Italian cuisine into innovative dishes. Located just minutes from the beach and oceanfront, Nardò is a fantastic location to enjoy Italian food. 

Basilico's Pasta E Vino

Basilico’s is a local favorite for authentic Italian food. It features dishes like spumoni, meatball sandwiches, and penne with sausage mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes topped with Alfredo sauce. This is an excellent place for a cozy, romantic dinner and a glass of wine.

Mona Lisa Cucina 

Mona Lisa Cucina Is a fantastic place to satisfy your Italian cravings. Their experience and mastery in the kitchen will take your palette on a taste journey of Italian flavors. Their chefs, Dino and Francois, blend Italian flavors to create a unique yet authentic Italian cuisine.