Group Activities in Huntington Beach 

Outdoors and wellness are the heart and soul of Huntington Beach and there is never a shortage of things to do. From the beach, outdoor activities, arts and culture, culinary, spas, and shopping, there is a Huntington Beach experience waiting for you. Meet in Huntington Beach and leave feeling inspired and rejuvenated with these unique group activities offerings. 

Outdoor Group Activities in Huntington Beach 

Huntington Beach has an endless summer state of mind with numerous outdoor group activities for all different interests. With 328 sunshine days per year in Huntington Beach, be outside and learn something new while connecting with the stillness of nature. 

With 10 miles of uninterrupted beaches, learn how to surf in Surf City USA® or breathe in the ocean air as you flow doing yoga on the beach. Explore more of Huntington Beach while biking or walking on the beach path with your group and discover beach concessionaires with live music along the way, or get active on the beach and play a beach volleyball game with your group at one of Huntington Beach's dozen nets on either side of the Huntington Beach Pier. For an ultimate Huntington Beach outdoor group activity favorite, end your day at one of Huntington Beach's 500 beach bonfires or book out the Huntington Beach House with exclusive beach bonfires with food and bar options.

Breathe in the salt air and explore Huntington Harbour, which provides a quaint seaside feel and picturesque scenery. Where kayak excursions, paddle board adventures, Duffy boat rides, and private luxury cruises await you. 

Bring your group to experience leisurely walks and challenging hikes while taking in the beauty of the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, Huntington Central Park, or Shipley Nature Center. As your group connects with nature in Huntington Beach, they can witness Red Woods and hundreds of unique bird species among these parks. Private group tours are offered at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve and Shipley Nature Center. 

Take your group to experience another unique aspect of Huntington Beach– outdoor sports. Huntington Beach offers pickleball, disc golf, horseback riding, golf, and skateboarding. Bring your team spirit and get outdoors. 

Indoor Group Activities in Huntington Beach 

Even though Huntington Beach has sunny weather year-round, incorporate Huntington Beach's indoor activities to change up the group activity offerings. Top off your Huntington Beach group experience with our delightful spas, delicious culinary experiences, shopping, and unique activities. 

Discover the restaurants that make Huntington Beach the culinary destination it is today, including farm-to-table restaurants and classic dining spots serving up seafood, tacos, burgers, pasta, barbecue, and more. Home to a renowned culinary scene, Huntington Beach's restaurant collection provides numerous unique private event options for groups of any size. Walkable from any resort, each restaurant option guarantees stunning views of the ocean, providing the perfect event backdrop. 

Take your group to experience fun and excitement at Off The Wall Social, Hot Rods & Handguns, or Stumpy's Hatchet Throwing. 

Let out your inner child at Off The Wall Social. They offer arcade games, ping pong tables, bowling, bocce ball, laser tag, bowling, a full bar, and menu, and more. Off The Wall Social can hold groups of up to 1,500 attendees for fun and excitement.

Get loose and have an axe-kicking time at Stumpy's Hatchet Throwing. Burn the stress and throw hatchets and high fives. Stumpy's Hatchet Throwing can accommodate up to 140 people and sells pizza, soft drinks, and bottled beer and wine. 

Different and fun. Hot Rods & Handguns is a 40,000 sq ft facility that boasts a variety of amenities and on-site services, including a two-story indoor shooting range, sports bar, and outdoor deck, casual dining, classic car showroom, pro shop, and much more.