Courtney Conlogue’s first visit to the iconic Huntington Beach Pier when she was six inspired her future professional career. “Everything looked so grand, “she says. “I was in awe. I couldn’t wait to be out there surfing with the guys.”

One of Surf City’s most successful pro surfers, Courtney has won the biggest surf contest in the world—the U.S. Open of Surfing—at her home break, the Huntington Beach pier, in 2009. She was all of 17.

Now, Courtney has won major World Surf League competitions and is the champion of the Vans U.S. Open and Roxy Pro. She ended the last season as the number one ranked American female surfer on the circuit. She has surfed in the X Games, Surf Ranch Pro, Target Maui Pro, Rip Curl Women's Pro, in addition to hundreds of other surf competitions.

“For me the ocean, whether I win or lose, I could go back out and always love it and love being in the water and just leave feeling better.”

When she’s not surfing, she enjoys taking in all the things to do in Huntington Beach. “I actually love the off-season in the winter because for me there is this beautiful stillness about it,” she says. “Just filtering through the streets you have Main Street, just the classic strip, and then you have the new Pacific City, which is really cool.”

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Get to Know Courtney Conlogue

What's your sport of choice?


How long have you been rocking your sport?

Started surfing when I was 4 years old.

How did you get into your sport of choice?

When I first initially learned we were in Mexico. We would go there for two weeks, and we'd go fishing, camping, and my dad would be surfing, and we'd be on the beach and all the sudden I just remember seeing my dad out the back with a few of his friends, and I was just going "Wow, that looks so fun." So my dad helped push me to learn how to “pop up” and even took me to the Rip Curl outlet to get my first board.

Why do you love rocking your sport in Huntington Beach?

There's a deep connection with me and HB but I specifically remember the first time my dad brought me to Huntington Pier. It was probably three to four-foot swell, and I just remember going "Wow, this is amazing." I asked my dad, “when could I surf this?" And he said: "You're almost ready." We ended up going out and I loved it.

If you had to go back & tell your amateur self about who you’d become, what advice would you give her?

Just keep believing.

How are you living the dream?

I look to individuals that have accomplished it, see if they have a certain approach that worked, and then for me, I'm filling the shoe. I'm just growing into it and it doesn't happen overnight. A world title doesn't just happen in a blink of an eye, you have to work towards it. I am evolving and adapting but also staying true to myself.

Favorite Thing About Huntington Beach

Its surf culture, it's just always represented and been a stadium for surfing, and I think that's amazing.

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