It’s time for pho! The popular noodle soup that is the national dish of Vietnam has found a home in Surf City USA. If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, Pho (pronounced "fuh") is a soup made of broth, white rice noodles, herbs and protein. Huntington Beach offers plenty of places to try this delicious Vietnamese delicatessen, so grab some chopsticks, a soup spoon and go get your pho fix at some of our favorites spots in town. 


Locals have long known this family-owned little restaurant, tucked in a mall on Beach Blvd, that is probably the closest thing to an authentic Vietnamese Pho you can get this side of the ocean. The place itself might be tiny, but there is no shortage of flavors in here. Protein options include beef, brisket, shrimp, chicken, seafood, pork, meatballs, as well as an all veggie bowl. Pho Tastee pays tribute to our city on its walls and was created by a family that wanted to share their culture through food, which basically means they’ve become a tradition around here.

Pho Tastee in Huntington Beach


Take your taste buds on a gourmet Pho experience in this fun, photo-worthy and modern restaurant. These guys spent over 10 years perfecting their menu to bring out the best of Vietnamese cuisine in flavored, creative dishes like the Pho with “Sous Vide Filet Mignon”. Silk Noodle’s mouth watering Pho takes time to prepare: the beef broth is cooked for 18 hours straight and the tender noodles are made in house to create a next level steaming bowl that will keep you coming back for more and more.

Silk Noodle in Huntington Beach

3. PHANS55

One of the newest additions to Lot 579, family-owned Phans55 has other two locations in Orange County and growing. It couldn’t be different, their love for food translates to the flavors on the menu: their Pho, springs rolls, noodle and rice dishes are all crafted using locally produced, organic ingredients. Swing by next time you’re at Pacific City and try the delicious Pho bowl, which can be customized in a ton of ways to make it exactly the way you want it. 

Phans55 in Huntington Beach


LSXO is a restaurant-within-a-restaurant, inspired by District 1 in Saigon, hidden behind an unmarked door adjacent to the wine room at Bluegold. Make reservations at OpenTable and be ready to have all your Pho dreams satisfied with the phenomenal soupy noodles whose flavors change every season. LSXO’s location might be a secret, but their cuisine is an award winning love letter to Vietnam, best savored overlooking the iconic Huntington Beach Pier.

LSXO in Huntington Beach


Tabu Shabu is a really good reason to visit Huntington Harbour Mall. Ok, Shabu is not really Pho, it is actually a Japanese style hot pot where you get to cook your own soup and customize it to your liking. This interactive dining experience features carefully sourced ingredients that have made the authentic Japanese shabu-shabu popular and a foodie’s favorite. Choose from four broth bases, pick your protein and cook it with a plate of veggies right on your table. Once you’ve had most of your veggies and protein, drop in the noodles and transfer the soup to a bowl, and voila, you can almost get a Pho out of it.

Tabu Shabu in Huntington Beach