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Plants by Yours Truly

  • Melissa is the proud owner of Plants By Yours Truly. She has always been fascinated with plants, and is an advocate of positive mental health, and knows that plants help promote that within all of us! Being a plant Mom has helped her cope with anxiety and other things that she never knew she could conquer on her own. Plants by Yours Truly wants to share their knowledge and help educate others on how important positive mental health is. What better way to do so by bringing thriving plants into your home! Teaming up with Plants by Yours Truly is BYO Long Beach, a shop that focuses on reducing trash consumption by providing reusable alternatives like laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, and so much more. Stop by the shop to explore not only all the gorgeous plants, but handmade macramé wall hangings, and a plethora of healthy skin products.
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