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Dawn Patrol Yoga

  • Dawn Patrol Yoga offers a variety of classes for all levels with small class sizes.
    • Dawn Patrol Yoga: This 30 minute class is designed to wake you up and get you moving before work or going surfing. Some classes might be more yoga based and some might involve more foam rolling and stretching. 
    • Vinyasa Flow (All Levels): These 45 minute classes are for the more traditional yoga enthusiasts, focusing on strength, flexibility and breathwork. 
    • 55+ yoga: Yoga for anyone 55+ looking to take a different approach to yoga that fits their ability.
    • Yoga for athletes: This class is specifically to compliment athletes in their athletic performance and training regiment. If you are currently training in a sport or working out, this class will not only continue your strength, but also increase your flexibility, mobility and body awareness. This class is perfect for surfers, crossfit athletes looking to increase their range of motion, or college athletes wanting to compliment their workout and sport regiment with yoga. Breathe work in this class will also help athletes with mental toughness and concentration to help with any sporting events. The appropriate age for this class would be 18-55 years old. 
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