Corgis, cute, beach, laughs and sunshine. The annual Corgi Beach Day October 26, 2019 at 10 am - 3 pm, is ready to add good memories in your pocket at no cost. It's an epic event that has got the world talking! CNN, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed have covered So Cal Corgi Beach Day and reported that it's a pawesome day. From the first Corgi Beach Day in 2012 where only 12 Corgis showed up to now over 1,000 + corgis invading the beaches of Huntington Beach waddling, smiling and melting hearts, it's a must go to event in Huntington Beach. Here's what makes So Cal Corgi Beach Day so pawesome

1. Corgis

Hundreds and thousands of corgis waddling and playing around at the beach. What could be better? Did we just die and go to corgi heaven? Pawsibly! Even famous corgis make an appearance and offer pics, kisses and love. Only though, for treats and love in return.


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2. Costumes

This isn't a corgi's regular beach day. This is their doggy Met Gala! Corgis come all dressed up in costumes that get heads turning and cameras snapping. The owners take part in the glamour and match with their lovely corgi too. 

3. Contests

What's a pawty without contests? We don't know because we only go to fun pawties. Okay, now think of these contests like school talent shows only more entertaining because it's corgis entertaining you. There's a limbo, costume and talent contests. Yes, corgis can limbo and get lower than they already are. See for yourself! Corgis will surprise you too during these contests because they're super talented and entertaining. The owners sometimes take part in the contests as well. Only if they're just as talented as their fur friend.

4. Vendors 

Food, outfits, accessories and more! It's corgis favorite mall if they had one. Zippy Paws Pet Toy CompanyHealthy Spot Pet Food CompanyMemory Plushie PillowsLong Dog ClothingMetro PawsSnug and Cuds Custom Blankets to name a few, bring exclusive items and offers only to Corgi Beach Day. Shop on the beach with your fur friend! It's the dream mall. 

List of all Vendors. 


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5. Photo Ops 

Bring your cameras and have your smartphones juiced up for the corgi models. The stage is the sand and you are their paparazzi! The event has various fun backdrops to pose with your corgi or snap an Instagrammable shot of adorable corgis for your followers. Go ahead, make them jealous, you're at a pawty full of cute corgis. You have the right too!


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6. Mood Booster

Corgi Beach Day is no strange to seeing people (and fur friends) smile, laugh and have a good time. You'll laugh seeing corgis stumble on their costumes, roll in the sand and do the limbo. You'll exchange smiles as you meet corgis and their wonderful owners. You'll enjoy the sun rays and ocean as you watch corgis play in the water and then roll in the sand, making their owners call for a bath appointment. Beyond the many Corgi Beach Days in Huntington Beach lies many happy memories in the making. 

For event details on Corgi Beach Day, click here. 

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