There is no doubt that the murals we see and love throughout Huntington Beach are beautiful, but each one can be appreciated for reasons far beyond its beauty. The arts as a whole can be a useful tool for economic development at the local level, as it can engage community members and increase foot traffic and tourism to a particular area. 

Huntington Beach has embraced the arts as a strategy for tapping into community talent, driving excitement within the community, and promoting reinvestment in the local economy. A mural you may see on a building or in an alleyway increases the overall attractiveness of its respective space and helps to further cultivate the kind of place where residents and visitors are eager to live and visit.

All in all, murals encourage you to slow down and admire your surroundings. Check out our list of murals worth slowing down and admiring!

Beach Play

Beach Play Mural Wide

Beach Play Mural Closeup

Located at 103 Pacific Coast Highway off of 1st Street. Beach Play is a pebble mosaic located on the ADA ramp adjacent to Lifeguard Headquarters. Created by Donna Billick and RockArt in 2004. 

Poets Table

Poet's Table Mural
Image: @luxechick

Located in Pier Plaza at the intersection of Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway. A ceramic tile mural created by Terry Schoonhoven in 1998.

Rescue Plaza

Rescue Plaza Mural Beachfront

Rescue Plaza Mural Menu

Rescue Plaza Mural Stairs

Located at 21073 Pacific Coast Highway at 1st Street at the Junior Lifeguard Building. Created by Donna Billick and RockArt in 2004. 

Pacific City

Pacific City Mural
Image: @mr._moody_jr

Pacific City Have Fun Mural
Image: @tomt2tran

Located at Pacific City (21022 Pacific Coast Highway) on Building A.

Pacific City Hands Mural
Image: @filmandpixels

Located at Pacific City (21022 Pacific Coast Highway) on Building M. Created by Geoff McFetridge in 2015.

Pacific City BeHere Mural
Image: @art_jacky196

Located at Pacific City (21022 Pacific Coast Highway) on Building G. Created by Melissa Murphy in 2021.

Walkway Butterfly Mural

Butterfly Mural Wide

Butterfly Mural Closeup

Located at Norma Gibbs Butterfly Park at 16641 Graham Street between Warner Avenue and Heil Avenue. Created by Heimberger-Hirsch in 1994.

Jack's Surfboards Mural Series

Jack's Mural Series

Jack's Mural 1
Image: @jasonmaloneyart

Jack's Mural 2
Image: @jasonmaloneyart

Jack's Mural Series HB Bear

Located in the alleyway behind Jack's Surfboards. Created by Jason Maloney in 2021. 


SurfCityWings Full

SurfCityWings Mural
Image: @thewellatsurfcity

Located in the parking lot of Surf City Methodist Church at 2721 Delaware Street.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant MuralImage: @hbpads

Located in the parking lot at 417 Main Street. Created by Alex Varasteh, Julien Bleser, and Ernest Doty.

International Surfing Museum

Surfing Mural International Surfing Museum

Located at the International Surfing Museum.

Surf City Liquor

Surfing Mural 11th & Orange

Located at Surf City Liquor at 327 11th Street. Created by Melissa Murphy in 2021.

Wahoo's Fish Taco on Warner Ave. 

Wahoo's Mural 1

Wahoo's Taco Mural
Image: @3167miles_me_to_ca

Wahoo's Mural 2

Wahoo's Mural 3

Located at Wahoo's Fish Taco at 7891 Warner Avenue.

Peter's Landing

Peter's Landing Paper Boat Mural
Image: @m.a.g_photography_

Located at Glow Hot Yoga in Peter's Landing at 16360 Pacific Coast Highway, #100

Golden Road Mural
Image: @misterbigcity

Located at Golden Road Brewing in Peter's Landing at 16390 Pacific Coast Highway.

Amuse 4 Autism

Amuse 4 Autism Mural
Image: @boihan

Located at the Denny's at 18477 Beach Blvd. Created by artists Jonathon and Eric on behalf of Amuse 4 Autism.

Dos Amigos Cantina

Dos Amigos Mural 1

Dos Amigos Mural 2

Located at Dos Amigos Cantina at 21022 Brookhurst Street. Created by Drew Truxaw in 2021.