As the City of Huntington Beach continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have recognized that our older adult population in particular may need additional support. We are excited to introduce OneHB Connects, a collaboration between the City and a partnership effort consisting of Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR), Care Connections Network (CCN), Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council (GHBIC), and Waste Not OC. Thanks to this innovative public/private partnership, we will be able to address unmet immediate and longer-term nutritional needs of our older adult and at-risk population.

Our non-profit partners are taking the lead in creating a centralized point of contact for those in need of assistance, as well as those looking to support the response with services such as meal/supply delivery, screening calls or providing donations. Waste Not OC’s culinary food repurposing kitchen partners are currently producing 500 nutritious, vacuum-sealed meals available for Huntington Beach unsupported older adults and others at-risk, which our non-profit partners will make ready for distribution to program recipients on Monday, March 30.

Plans for increased meal production continue as food sourcing is identified and additional partnerships develop. All permitted food facilities are encouraged to get involved by calling 885-700-9622 or by emailing For more information about Waste Not OC, please visit

For those interested in volunteering and/or donating to this effort, you can find out more information by calling 714-752-0406 or emailing For more information about the Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council, please visit

If you are an older adult or at-risk individual and in need of essential assistance, please call the Senior Center in Central Park at 714-536-5600. Our Staff Team continues to provide screening, resources and a variety of essential services to our homebound older adults.