Huntington Beach, Calif., July 16, 2013 - The Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau has released a new destination video showcasing the quintessential Southern California lifestyle and attractions of Surf City USA.

The video captures the laid back beach culture that Huntington Beach is best known for while encompassing various destination highlights. A beach bonfire, surfing, and the iconic pier are all shown using stunning video imagery along with the ever-popular dog beach, gondolas, and horseback riding. The three-minute video was produced in conjunction with Tallgrass Pictures LLC, a broadcast and print production company based in San Diego, California.

"Our collaboration with the Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau team for their new destination video was a dream project. We used two cutting edge Red Epic cameras (built in Orange County) and a remote control helicopter to capture the incredible footage and tell the Huntington Beach story," said Tallgrass Pictures award-winning Director, Jeffrey Lamont Brown.

The video can be viewed online on the HBSurfCityUSA YouTube Channel at or directly at It is also available to embed or use for other Huntington Beach promotional purposes. A 30-second and one-minute version of the destination video will be available coming this fall.

About the Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau

The Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau is the official destination marketing organization of Huntington Beach, Surf City USA®. One of Southern California's premier coastal destinations, Huntington Beach is the ideal location for a California family vacation, relaxing weekend getaway, or group conference.

With 10 miles of wide-open sandy California beaches, Huntington Beach is a destination of choice for vacationers and business travelers alike. To plan your Surf City USA® vacation, or to learn more about Huntington Beach, visit the Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau website at or call 800-729-6232.


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