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In Huntington Beach, California, we know sports. Our community embraces the active lifestyle with full force, and we invite you to come do the same.

Sunny, dry, and cool, Huntington Beach's near perfect climate is ideal for sports events. High temperatures rarely exceed 85°F (29°C) and low temperatures rarely fall below 40°F (4°C). Because of these ideal conditions, athletes almost never have to worry about a canceled event, and can enjoy their sport in this quintessential California beach location all year round.

Our beaches are our arena, and they have no barricades. They stretch on for ten miles, and have more than ample seating. We play host to hundreds of sports events, including the annual US Open of Surfing - the largest surf competition in the world with over 700,000 spectators. The views are, well, spectacular. And our stadium hotdogs can be freshly roasted over a beach bonfire. With the most consistent waves on the West Coast, it's no wonder we've earned the nickname Surf City USA. But that's not all. We host all types of sports, from sand soccer and volleyball to beach paintball, disc golf, equestrian competitions, and of course, surfing. We invite you to come, stay and play in our arena.