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  • Kelly and Andreea fell in love with specialty coffee when they lived in Europe a few years ago. They found a little neighborhood coffee house that served coffee in a simple cup, single size, with only one type of sugar. They were curious about this naked coffee, stripped of all syrups, cream and artifices and amazed at how great the coffee tasted. When they came back to Huntington Beach they wanted nothing more than a simple cup of coffee that tasted as good as it did back in London. There wasn’t any available in their neighborhood so they thought, why don’t we make it… Kelly started playing with a popcorn style coffee roaster on the patio, they later bought a La Marzocco GS3 to play with in their kitchen, they started spending their vacation taking classes on roasting, cupping and brewing and when they thought the coffee they made tasted good, they asked – why not share it with others?
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