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Pedego Electric Bicycles

  • One of the most fun things to do in Huntington beach is bike along the boardwalk, and a Pedego rental or tour is hands down the very best way to explore the area! You can easily cover lots of ground, while still getting an up close and personal look at all the scenery and attractions like the gorgeous beaches and the iconic pier. And naturally, the Pedegos themselves are fun and exciting to ride! Pedego offers electric bicycle rental, sales, and guided and self-guided bike tours in Downtown Huntington Beach. Stop by to experience their friendly service and top-of-the-line equipment.

    Bike Rental Cost:

    Throttle Only 

    • $20 / hr
    • $75 / day


    • $30 / hr

    • $100 / day


    • $35 / hr
    • 125 / day

    Other Rentals

    • Child Seat $15. / day
    • Pedal Bike or Trailer $20 / day 
    • Tandem Pedal Bike $40 / day

    Pets are welcome! We provide baskets that attach to the handlebar which are perfect for pets 5 lbs or lighter. For pets that are heavier, we would recommend having them ride in an attached trailer.

    Locks and helmets are included with every rental.

    *2 hour rental minimum – spring & summer weekends and holidays

    *Last rental check-out is at 4:00PM

    *All rentals are due back at 5:30PM


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