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Four Sons Brewing Tap Room at Pacific City

  • Founded in 2014, Four Sons Brewing truly is a family-run, Huntington Beach-based business. Stop by the new taproom in Lot 579 at Pacific City and enjoy the laid back and welcoming vibe. Four Sons Brewing makes everyone feel like family.

    Four Sons Brewing strives to produce excellent craft beer with a wide range of variety that appeals to the novice beer drinker and astonishes the beer expert. With a strong focus on quality and authenticity, every beer contains only natural ingredients to ensure a clean, smooth and memorable taste. The Tap Room offers 16 different beers with a new release each week.

    Although there is no kitchen, a variety of eateries are open in Lot 579 and can be enjoyed with the beer of your choice. Tip: ask the bartender for pairing suggestions! Four Sons Brewing has a second location on Gothard Street.

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