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Permits & Fees

Welcome to the breakdown of the City of Huntington Beach's Film Permit Application Process. Our goal in working with you is to make the film permit process as simple and efficient as possible, in order to assure that your project is successful and your deadlines are met!

In order for us to accomplish this, it is necessary for you to complete the Film Permit Application. We have moved the entire process online, for an even more streamlined process. 

Once the Film Permit Application is received, a City representative will contact you to coordinate the process and assure that all City requirements are met. This will include providing the City with an approved certificate of insurance, and if necessary, a temporary business license, which will be required for the duration of your project. Additional fees may be imposed if police, fire, lifeguard, postings or other City staff is needed.

For a 5-day turnaround, the application, insurance, and business license must be submitted no later than Monday of any given week. We cannot guarantee approval of rush applications.

Use the following links to download the necessary documents to receive a film permit for shooting within Huntington Beach. If you would like any other information or have any questions, please contact Sophia Valdivia, Film Commissioner, at or by calling 714-969-3492.

Film, Video, and Still Photography Permit Fees

Insurance Requirements

Temporary Business License Application

Please note that many fees are on a sliding scaled based on crew size in order to give filmmakers the best price possible!