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Using Essential Oils for Stress & Balancing Emotions

  • Please join us for this Exciting & Interactive Evening with the Owner and Founder of The Living Temple Robin Jones as he Shares over 20 Years of Health Research with a Focus on Using really High Quality Essential Oils. Learn about the Vibrational Frequencies of Essential Oils and the Profound Effects that Positive and Negative Energy and Frequencies can have on your Health, Why Stress is the Cause of All Disease, Scientific Research & Resources on How Stress affects our Health, Why Mental & Emotional Stress may be the Most Important one to Deal with First, How Physical & Environmental Stress can affect our Emotions, How to use Essential Oils to Reduce Stress & Balance Emotions, plus a whole lot more. Learn about the Difference in Quality of Essential Oils and why that is So Important. All attendees will get to Smell and Try the Oils and Receive Valuable Free Information. You will also get all the Latest News about Exciting New Products and Resources that are now Available or coming Soon !      


    This special event is Free to attend but we do ask that you please RSVP as spaces are limited.

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Using Essential Oils for Stress & Balancing Emotions
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