Born in Huntington Beach, Jamie has called Huntington Beach home since 2012. After moving here from Chicago, Jamie has fallen in love with Surf City USA’s culture, community, and the collection of nightlife options. Huntington Beach is home to a mixture of restaurants, bars, microbreweries, and wine bars. There’s something available for everyone from live entertainment and dancing, to specialty cocktails and local craft beer. 

What does a typical night out look like for you and your girlfriends?

A typical night can be whatever you want it to be. My girlfriends and I really enjoy grabbing a coffee or a cocktail. Sometimes hitting up a local karaoke night at Perq’s or Gallaghers. But if you want to go out and shake it on the dance floor at Blackbull or Hurricane’s, you can do that too.

Karaoke at Perq's

It sounds like there are a lot of options on Main Street. Can you describe the scene?

I love the nightlife here on Main Street because it’s super chill. You can have a really fun night and go out dancing but you still get that mellow vibe. Just throw on a dress and flip-flops and have an all around good time with your friends. You pretty much can get a taste of whatever you feel like whether that’s a casual beer with some friends or great music and high energy.

What if you’re looking for a glass of wine on date night or wine Wednesday with the girls?

One of my favorite places to grab a good glass of wine is at SeaLegs. They have a super awesome wine menu, great appetizers, and delicious food. I love the atmosphere there. They always have fun music and it’s a great crowd.

SeaLegs Wine Bar

Does SeaLegs have any great happy hour specials? Or where can you find a deal in Huntington Beach after a long day?

Yes! SeaLegs has happy hour seven days a week with $5 drinks. It’s seriously unbeatable especially with their large selection of wine. There’s also Wine Wednesday, which is popular at SeaLegs and flights available at Main Street Wine Company. Duke’s is one of my favorites for happy hour with delicious food. And also Pizza Lounge if we’re looking for some great appetizers.

Let’s say your favorite team, the Chicago Bears, are playing, where do you grab a beer?

Well, coming from Chicago, I’m a huge Bears, Cubs and Blackhawks fan. It’s pretty easy to find a great beer and a fun crowd in Huntington Beach when games are on. Gallaghers is a Bears bar and they even serve Chicago style pizza. Slater’s 50/50 is always popular on game day along with Longboard's and Fred’s since they have a lot of TVs and drink and food deals, especially during football season.

Speaking of beer, we heard there is a local brewery scene developing in Huntington Beach. Have any recommendations for beer lovers?

Yeah a lot of awesome breweries have opened since I moved here a few years ago. Riip is the newest brewery and they just opened a tasting room up by Huntington Harbour. Four Sons is a really neat place with a super hospitable staff. Their Coconut Amber is one of my favorites and I heard it’s even award winning. They hosted an awards party for an environmental contest I surfed in last year, and everyone really enjoyed it! Beer Co on Main Street also has a fun atmosphere and offers a ton of beers on tap.

Pacific City is another new development in the area. Do you know what sort of nightlife they offer?

I’ve had a chance to visit Ola for lunch since the opening of Pacific City, and the view is EPIC. Plus they have a nice tequila menu and some awesome margaritas. The Bungalow is opening this summer, which I’m really excited about! It’s gonna add something new to Huntington Beach since it’s more of a fun lounge with a huge outdoor patio overlooking the ocean.

The Bungalow is Set to Open at Pacific City this Summer!

What makes going out for a night in Huntington Beach so unique?

There’s just so much going on here, from the art scene to the surf scene and just being out with your friends and having a great time. It basically has everything you could want and in walking distance. And the ocean is right there. Can’t beat that!

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