Whether you believe them or not, there are plenty of ghost stories floating around Huntington Beach. We've uncovered a few haunted locations across the city, from schools to the infamous pier.

Huntington Beach High School

A long time ago, there were a couple of students, George and his girlfriend, who decided to try out for the school play, 'Romeo and Juliet'. George was not given the role of Romeo but his girlfriend landed the part of Juliet and fell in love with the leading actor. Heartbroken, George pulled a "Romeo and Juliet" and has since haunted the Huntington Beach High School Theater. He's broken things and made scary noises, shaken the curtains and ropes, and on occasion he's injured actors. To this day before every performance, the entire cast signs a program dedicated to George's ghost in hopes that he won't interrupt the show.

Ethel Dwyer Middle School

Disappearing pencils and mysteriously opening cupboards at Dwyer Middle School are said to be the work of Ethel Dwyer's ghost! Known for her bizarre behavior, Dwyer was principal at the school in 1938. During one math class she even made an appearance on the projection screen at the front of the class.

Huntington Beach Pier

One of the most haunted placed in Huntington Beach just happens to be one of the biggest tourist attractions as well. Ghosts of lifeguards and surfers still searching for the perfect wave are said to haunt the Huntington Beach Pier.





Other ghost sightings include baseball players on Edison field, spirits in the Newland House, and hauntings on Florida Street. "Casper" the ghost is said to hang out at the old Huntington Beach Mall where he has knocked things off walls and turned switches.

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