There's a new parade hitting the runway of Main Street, Huntington Beach and it features an exceptional procession of... DUMPSTERS! The Huntington Beach Public Art Alliance (HBPAA) has teamed up with 30 local artists in an effort to beautify the downtown area by transforming the city's waste receptacles into a creative spectacle for all to enjoy. Dumpsters on Parade will spotlight each artist's final masterpiece as the dumpsters roll the runway of Main Street, toward the HB Pier. This procession will be the kick-off to an all-day Main Street art show and canned food drive event, supporting Waste Not OC and the OC Food Bank.

"In all of my community work, I’ve never seen a project that has more public or city support than this one."

-Kim Kramer, co-founder of the Huntington Beach Public Art Alliance

Dumpster 1


Saturday, October 7: Dumpsters on Parade will begin its procession at 10 a.m. on and lead into the all-day art show with Dumpsters on Display from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Find the art... Moving through the first three blocks of Main Street

Sunday, October 8: The dumpsters will be displayed on the Municipal Pier for the day.

Find the art... Displayed at the Municipal Pier

Monday, October 9: All dumpsters will be moved to their designated locations Downtown and in full service.

Find the art... At each designated location- Can you spot all 30 colorful gems?



There will be free face painting for kids and free caricature too, plus the Kowabunga Van Klan and music by the Ramsey Brothers. 

Kid Fun


In support of Waste Not OC and the OC Food Bank, a canned food drive will be held throughout the weekend to fill each of the 30 dumpsters with donated canned goods. The Huntington Beach Public Art Alliance is relying on the kindness of Huntington Beach residents, businesses, and visitors to donate items for the drive.

With the holiday seasons approaching, this event comes at the perfect time to give back to the community. And with this particular event, the community will give back to you too with the opportunity to win a prize for your contributions!



Dumpsters on Parade is not only an entertaining day of watching dumpsters roll down the street, it is an event dedicated to giving back to the community. The painting of the dumpsters by local artists is part of an initiative to beautify the city of Huntington Beach through unique, artistic expression. These dumpsters will be incorporated into the city not only in service of waste management, but now also as 30 special gems of the Downtown area. The HBPAA captures the Surf City essence of welcoming all "Dreamers and Doers" by transforming the ordinary into something full of character, making it the perfect combination of strange and wonderful.

We're taking trash and making treasure." 

-Patrick Brenden, city councilman.

Dumpster 2


The Dumpster Parade doesn't stop from here, beautifying Huntington Beach will continue with future projects may including murals or sculptures.