The perfect pizza is a hotly debated point of contention. New Yorkers swear by enormous slices, perfect for a handheld, foldable meal on the go. Chicagoans live and die by their deep dish and the thick, oozing cheese layered with hearty toppings inside a buttery, crunchy crust.

In Surf City, USA, we may be known for our waves, but we can also hold our own when it comes to pizza. From customized pies to artisanal flatbreads, there's something for everyone. Have it your way, and try a slice of the city at these five top-rated build-your-own pizza joints in Huntington Beach.

Build your own pizza concept at Pizza Press by @ctrlaltquan

Pie Nation

It's a build-your-own extravaganza at Pie Nation, which offers customized pies in five easy steps. The house-made original crust is perfectly thin and crispy at 11 to 13 inches in diameter, but gluten-free or flatbread options are also available. A full range of sauces allow patrons to go wild with packing on the flavor, from creamy Alfredo to a light olive oil or a buffalo option with a zesty kick. Seven cheeses, including a vegan mozzarella, complement favorite toppings like Sriracha chicken, salami, colorful peppers and other fresh veggies. Build-your-own pizzas start at $10.49.

Pie Nation image by @ng_foodie

Mod Pizza

Thirty toppings are available if you want to choose your own unlimited ingredients atop an 11-inch crispy crust, but a selection of artisanal pies offer plenty of mouthwatering combinations to choose from (or build on!). Fans of white sauce will love the fresh flavors in the Dominic, which features a sharp, aromatic asiago, red onions, tomatoes, sausage and basil. Vegetarians, however, will be delighted with the assembly-style pizza salad, which allows diners to pile lettuce and veggies on top of a warm asiago crust. Six-inch pies for smaller appetites and a double-crust option are fun ways to mix up the standard build-your-own experience. Regular-sized build-your-own pizzas start at $8.47.

Blast 825

Personal 10-inch pizzas are fired up at 825 degrees, cooking in just three minutes. Forty toppings, five sauces, three different hand-tossed doughs and a generous spice rack can tempt any taste buds with the build-your-own option. Of the signature pies, the 825° California is a standout, with roasted chicken, artichoke, onion, spinach and squash that come together to create the perfect smoky, savory bite. Hop heads will also love the large selection of craft beers offered on tap. Build-your-own pizzas start at $8.45.

@sixvegansisters at Blast 825

Pile it On Pizza

Twelve-inch customized pizzas with unlimited toppings are built on a foundation of thin, fast-fired crust (gluten-free is available for $2 more). Roasted garlic is a popular pick, best paired with crisp bacon and tomatoes. Out-of-the-box ingredients are available a la carte or as part of the “around the world” signature pies. Orange chicken, Spam, ahi poke and diced mango are just a few of the toppings that give Pile it On extra points for creativity. Build-your-own pizzas start at $8.50.

Pile it on Pizza creation by @sotheara

Pizza Lounge

Pizza Lounge places an emphasis on quality, chef-selected ingredients paired in thoughtful combinations, but also offers a specialty build-your-own experience. In addition to the 20+ artisanal creations, the customizable pizza option allows up to five toppings in 12-inch, 14-inch or 18-inch sizes. Choose from innovative ingredients such as goat cheese, portobello mushrooms, feta cheese, shrimp, cranberries and coconut, as well as classics like bacon pieces, peppers, pepperoni and more. Build-your-own pizzas start at $12.45.

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Pizza Press photo by @myworldofcolor