Lorraine Crawford

Whether writing, teaching, traveling or playing at the beach, Lorraine Crawford is dedicated to her lifelong motto: “Learn and share something new every day.” A native Californian, she has lived in Huntington Beach since 2008, working as a freelance marketing communications specialist, as a substitute teacher and as a volunteer docent for the Bowers Museum. Previously having a 20+-year career in travel marketing communications, Lorraine is also a credentialed teacher, having taught middle school World History and Language Arts for six years. Passionate about world culture, she has toured more than 50 countries and is always planning her next travel adventure. After her work is done, you can usually spot Lorraine playing volleyball and biking in Huntington Beach. A top reviewer for TripAdvisor.com, she is sure to be scouting out any new restaurants, attractions and fun things to do wherever she goes – and especially in Huntington Beach.