Orange County Increases COVID-19 Testing

This week, the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) launched its OC COVID-19 Testing Network, which coordinates and expands testing across several locations in Orange County. Each location has the capacity to test 100 residents daily.  The OCHCA also announced plans to continue expanding the Network next month, adding several locations and increasing testing capacity.

At this time, tests are only available to residents who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and cannot receive testing through their health care provider.  Eligible residents will be tested at no cost; however, their insurance may be billed.  Currently all locations are administering FDA-approved PCR “swab” tests to detect current infections.   Please note that PCR tests are not blood tests that detect antibodies from past or current COVID-19 infections. 

Residents must schedule an appointment in advance to be tested.  To make an appointment and find the nearest location, visit or call (800) 564-8448. 

Face Coverings Now Required for Certain Employees

The County of Orange announced that face coverings will be mandatory for certain employees, beginning April 24.  This requirement applies to employees of any grocery store, restaurant, food preparation establishment, drug store, convenience store, gas station, or other retail store where there is regular, direct contact with the public.  In addition, the County continues to strongly recommend all residents to wear face coverings when leaving home for essentials services. 

Please note that face coverings are not meant to be a substitute for social distancing or hand washing practices, which are still the best ways to prevent COVID-19 infections.  However, they can limit its transmission to protect our most vulnerable residents.  Face coverings are not N95 or surgical masks, which should be reserved for medical professionals.  Instead, they are typically reusable and washable fabric masks that can be made at home.  Easy instructions to make your own are available on

For more information about City updates and services during the pandemic, please call our HB Ready Call Center at (714) 536-5511 or visit our COVID-19 website at

Link to Press Release PDF Here