About Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach visitors are often at a loss for words when they arrive and get their first look at the world of Surf City USA – miles of broad sands, surfers catching waves near the pier, and sunsets that paint the sky in vivid hues of pink, violet, and orange.  This glorious ocean scene is only the beginning of what awaits when you visit California’s classic beach town.

With 10 miles of beaches and a lively downtown filled with shops and restaurants, Huntington Beach blends surfing’s relaxed spirit with a contemporary style which creates an ocean side destination like nowhere else on the California coast.

Huntington Beach is an active town where everyone plays outside, especially along the oceanfront. Locals and visitors gather to surf, play beach volleyball, walk and bike the famed Ocean Strand.  Washed by sea breezes and bathed in sunshine, Huntington Beach offers an almost perfect climate – whether you’re looking to exercise or do little more than hang out along the sand, watch the waves, and take in the scene.

Visit Huntington Beach - Surf City USA for a weekend, a week or more and stay at one of our beachside resorts.  Play in the waves and give surfing a try. Discover our downtown restaurants and even if you are here just a short time here, you will agree that Huntington Beach is the place for the best California beach vacation.